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Lil’ Bowk & RT by Luke Simpson

It’s been a minute since we’ve reported in from paradise…good thing Luke Simpson just got back to the States with some proof! Check out these stellar shots of Randy & Brian! Little Bowker stayed with Randy down in Costa Rica recently and was lucky enough to coincide his stay with photog Luke Simpsons’!

Randy Townsend by Luke Simpson
Brian Bowker by Luke Simpson

Deeley’s Old Affair…

Sam Deeley took 3rd (Boys U14) at the WSA Gatorade Championship Tour event at Huntington Beach over Valentine’s Day weekend! It’s a bit of an old affair, but we are siked on Sam’s surfing and wanted the world to see what our team rider is accomplishing as a New Smyrna kid competing out in California this winter! Sam’s heading back to Sebastian for the Surfing America Prime East event this weekend – good luck Sam!

Sam Deeley

The Way We Was – Alex Duke Intro

Please view this full clip to experience the comedic genius of Jetty team rider Alex Duke!

Cadillac Ranch Sticker Slap!

Fritz is back in Boston after 6 or so weeks on the road…From the sound of it their trip couldn’t have gone better! The crew skated with some of skateboardings best, explored the corners of this country and even stopped by Cadillac Ranch with a pocket full of Jetty stickers…Have photos of sticker slaps? Send them over…we’re starting a sticker slap gallery real soon! Send em to


Alone time with B-Dubbs…

Jetty team rider Brian Williams aka B-Dubbs spending some quality, alone time just yesterday courtesy of photog Robert Matthews!

B-Dubbs by Robert Matthews

Spread love, not war…

Our good friend Erik Jurgensen (aka Burgy) & his cousin Danny Margagliano (longtime NJ ripper) were down in Costa recently. While we’re stuck in the cold back home, Jetty is quite fortunate to have such great people representing us abroad. One thing we’ve always accomplished through traveling is spreading the good Jetty vibes to locals. Be it a few free t-shirts or just conversation, it’s crucial to show natives our appreciation. In the end, that mutual understanding and shared love of surfing is what makes us all smile! Here’s a couple shots and a few more on Jetty’s official Facebook page! Thanks boys!

Burgy & locals

Burgy cutback

V-Day in South Florida…

My brother’s a great guy – he took his girl to Disney for Valentine’s day. Little did he know that one of his best friends, Jetty team rider Kyle Alvare, was scoring some clear, blue barrels back home in South Florida! Here’s one of ‘em that made Surfline’s Bluewater Winter Wonderland gallery courtesy of Ben Hicks.

Kyle Alvare by Ben Hicks

Year of the Fritz

Congrats to team rider Fritz Mead who landed himself four pages inside the most respected mag in skateboarding…THRASHER! Check it out for yourself in the March 2010 Issue.

Fritz has been on the road for the past month with our buddies Xeno, Will, Doug and a few others, skating everything in site! New Orleans, Texas, Arizona, California and more…Good thing they split from the East Coast, hardly missing the snow massacre and the winter weather. From the sound of it they won’t be home any time soon…Have fun dudes!


VIDEO BONUS! East Coast legend and ripper Freddy Gall was impressed in Thrasher’s First Look

Parnagian on!

Check out this water shot by Photographer Ryan Struck that popped up on this week! Check the rest of the gallery CLICK HERE


Dukie Love…

Alex Duke is just one of those dudes you’re happy you’ve come across whether it’s his skating, artwork or both! Not only does he represent Jetty on the pavement, but he has also designed some T’s for us (check out the “Life Death Mirror” below). Duke runs Toilet Town where he recently posted every consolidated graphic he’s created from 2005 to 2009 – it is so worth checking out, trust us! Alex has had some great press lately with a short interview in the December issue of FTK and a two-page canvas in the March issue of Thrasher – now that’s some Dukie Love!

Life Death Mirror by Alex Duke
Alex Duke deck