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The Way We Was – Alex Duke Intro

Please view this full clip to experience the comedic genius of Jetty team rider Alex Duke!

Cadillac Ranch Sticker Slap!

Fritz is back in Boston after 6 or so weeks on the road…From the sound of it their trip couldn’t have gone better! The crew skated with some of skateboardings best, explored the corners of this country and even stopped by Cadillac Ranch with a pocket full of Jetty stickers…Have photos of sticker slaps? Send them over…we’re starting a sticker slap gallery real soon! Send em to


Year of the Fritz

Congrats to team rider Fritz Mead who landed himself four pages inside the most respected mag in skateboarding…THRASHER! Check it out for yourself in the March 2010 Issue.

Fritz has been on the road for the past month with our buddies Xeno, Will, Doug and a few others, skating everything in site! New Orleans, Texas, Arizona, California and more…Good thing they split from the East Coast, hardly missing the snow massacre and the winter weather. From the sound of it they won’t be home any time soon…Have fun dudes!


VIDEO BONUS! East Coast legend and ripper Freddy Gall was impressed in Thrasher’s First Look

Dukie Love…

Alex Duke is just one of those dudes you’re happy you’ve come across whether it’s his skating, artwork or both! Not only does he represent Jetty on the pavement, but he has also designed some T’s for us (check out the “Life Death Mirror” below). Duke runs Toilet Town where he recently posted every consolidated graphic he’s created from 2005 to 2009 – it is so worth checking out, trust us! Alex has had some great press lately with a short interview in the December issue of FTK and a two-page canvas in the March issue of Thrasher – now that’s some Dukie Love!

Life Death Mirror by Alex Duke
Alex Duke deck

Fritz & Max in Focus!

Check out the latest issue of Focus Skateboard Magazine for a full page photo of team rider Fritz Mead & his buddy Max Hiersteiner doubling up this relatively new barrier spot in Philly…Its often your average pusher looks at a spot and says, “Whoa, what if…”. Fritz on the other hand just makes it a reality. Lots more Fritz buzz coming soon…


Boblits on

Check out Ryan Boblits in the Vu Skateboard Shop promo seen on Unified!


Photos from David Stuck

Fritz in ‘Prevent this Tragedy’

Fritz Mead in Prevent This Tragedy

Fritz has a trick in the recently released Thrasher Magazine flick ‘Prevent This Tragedy’ presented by Cons. If you’ve already got the video check out Fritz kickflip into the C-Pool in the second montage…and if you haven’t seen the video yet make sure to find a copy because the whole thing is next level. Far out.

Fritz is Out of Body!

Orchard Shop video Out of Body Experience is out and although we haven’t seen the whole thing this new teaser is getting us even more amped about the video! Holy cow Fritz!

Subterranean by Jon Wolf

Our good friend Jon Wolf’s 2008 skateboard film Subterranean is now available FOR FREE on his website Download it for your iPod or just watch online…its chock full of good skateboarding from a ton of talented Boston kids including our friends Artie Noel, Jeff Valcourt & Dana Ericson…Make sure to check Dana’s part…it’s last and it’s pretty amazing.



Desimas Represents in Tampa!

John Desimas just got back from Tampa Am. It was John’s second time skating the contest that has long been regarded as the top am contest in the world…If you ever want a sneak peak into who will be filling the pages of skateboard mags the next few years (if they aren’t already) just have a scroll down the list of Tampa Am semi-finalists and get familiar! Desimas had a solid showing, placing 65th out of 112 in first round qualifiers…Congrats John. Just a couple weeks back John was on tour with Keystone Skateboards repping Jetty hard at their Charm City Demo…Check it! Photo Feoli.