Career Info

Jetty’s Creative Director, Nick Zegel, picked up a phone almost 5 years ago. He had just finished high school. He offered to work for us free of charge. That was a good move on his part because we had no money to pay him! I bet if you ask Nick, he’d tell you his experience with Jetty has so-far been invaluable to his career as a designer & artist.

If you don’t care too much about being paid, but want to get some great experience and help us grow our grassroots operation we’d love to hear from you! We promise it will be FUN (except for making runs to WaWa) & we promise there is no CEO taking a vacation while your sweating bullets packing orders & planning bar events!

Please e-mail your resume, references and a cover letter describing why you want to be involved to

Jetty is currently seeking…

  • Sales Representatives
  • Designers (Women Softgoods)
  • Marketing & PR Interns
  • Renaissance Men/Women

Candidates should be…

  • EXPERIENCED A job at McDonalds counts but industry experience is better.
  • OUTGOING Do YOU dance? How about Karaoke?
  • KNOWLEDGABLE Do you know what SSBSTS means? Who is at the top of the WCT?