A Pleasant Surprise WORLD PREMIERE Recap!

Miss the World Premiere of A Pleasant Surprise? Check it out over at ESM!


Music by Sean Bones

Luke Reynolds & Randy Townsend WIN 3rd Annual Clam Jam!

Photo Richard Cardona (ShoreisFineArt.com)

Photo Richard Cardona (ShoreisFineArt.com)

The Third Annual Jetty Clam Jam went off in waist to chest high fun conditions! Full Wrap-UP & Updates to come! Please share any links to photos in the comments. Thanks to all the sponsors & everyone who surfed/attended for making it another hugely successful day!

More photos at ShoreisFineArt.com

Clam Jam is ON! Saturday!


Looks like the surf will be sufficient in the waist to chest high range! Bring your high performance sticks but don’t forget a longboard or fish for the later rounds!

New Collection Coming Soon!

Its been a minute since we’ve released new product but we wanted to let you know that its on the way! We’ve taken a couple steps back in order to move forward and have restructured the way we plan to release new product. Four times a year you can look forward to the release of a new Volume from Jetty. Each Volume will be available online and in stores and will be inspired by a specific idea or subject matter we find relevant to cultural movement. Keep an eye out for Volume 1 next month! …Keep on sailing


Fritz Interview in Juice Magazine!

Fritz has been more motivated than ever over the past few months! It could have something to do with the warm summer days past, or Xeno organizing and inviting Fritz on epic trips all year long, or maybe the filming deadline for the upcoming Orchard video; Whatever the reason Fritz is putting in work and making a name for himself. Check out the latest Juice magazine (#66) for a full interview and some seriously insane photographs!

2009 Clam Jam Bracket

Clam Jam Bracket 2009

Click here to View/Print 2009 Clam Jam Bracket

OK, the bracket is finally online! A few things to remember in preparation for the 2009 Clam Jam:
-We will be making the call Thursday, OCT 8th
-No wave dates are OCT 11th, 17th & 18th
-Please get your forms & entry fees in if you haven’t already
-The contest may potentially move to Cape May Avenue (Harvey Cedars)
-Sponsorship opportunities are still available
-Alternate spots are still available
-Surfer check-in is 7am despite the time of your heat & heat times are subject to change

We are hoping that the 3rd annual will be just as great as the first two years! Please direct all questions & suggestions to Jeremy – jeremy@jettylife.com or 609.618.8515

Fritz Mead Focus Small Talk!

Fritz has been doing his thing all Summer but since he lost his phone it’s rare that he gets to tell us where he is or what he’s up to…If we were to guess he is probably out skating which is exactly why we love him…Pick up the latest issue of Focus to catch up with Fritz! Also, don’t miss our buddies Andrew Cannon and Tom Geilfuss who sandwich Fritz with Small Talks of their own!

Anything But Three

Anything But Three

This Saturday, September 26th is the annual gathering for alternative board riders and craftsman at Hudson Avenue in Harvey Cedars, NJ. AB3 is not a contest, but more like a huge demo where surfers can try out an array of different sticks – obviously none with three fins! The no wave date is the following day, Sunday, September 27th and there is additional information on the Anything But Three – East 09 blog.

Anything But Three boards