The Red Baron strikes again!

Having shared an office with Jon Coen for a few years, we’re known for going tit for tat & thrashing each other over emails, but it’s all in good fun. Hell, I even wrote a little song about him when we were in Barbados, but we’ll save “Jonny Sumeritan” for another time! We surf a ton, break it all down and laugh over fish tacos quite a bit. In all seriousness, Coen is one of the hardest working dudes in the industry – hustlin’ every day from running the surfing blog on ESPN to draining oil for his Veg-mobile to working on his solar-powered house. He’s also an instrumental part of the Jetty Clam Jam. Here the old Red Baron is caught biking up the street mid-blizzard by his wife Ann. This photo, along with a few others of Royce Weber & Brian Coen shredding were recently a part of ESM’s “February Feast” – check it out!

Red Baron on Bike

V-Day in South Florida…

My brother’s a great guy – he took his girl to Disney for Valentine’s day. Little did he know that one of his best friends, Jetty team rider Kyle Alvare, was scoring some clear, blue barrels back home in South Florida! Here’s one of ‘em that made Surfline’s Bluewater Winter Wonderland gallery courtesy of Ben Hicks.

Kyle Alvare by Ben Hicks

Philadelphia Snow Riding

Nick Zegel, Pete Herron and friends sliding and riding Philadelphia!

Year of the Fritz

Congrats to team rider Fritz Mead who landed himself four pages inside the most respected mag in skateboarding…THRASHER! Check it out for yourself in the March 2010 Issue.

Fritz has been on the road for the past month with our buddies Xeno, Will, Doug and a few others, skating everything in site! New Orleans, Texas, Arizona, California and more…Good thing they split from the East Coast, hardly missing the snow massacre and the winter weather. From the sound of it they won’t be home any time soon…Have fun dudes!


VIDEO BONUS! East Coast legend and ripper Freddy Gall was impressed in Thrasher’s First Look

Parnagian on!

Check out this water shot by Photographer Ryan Struck that popped up on this week! Check the rest of the gallery CLICK HERE


Dukie Love…

Alex Duke is just one of those dudes you’re happy you’ve come across whether it’s his skating, artwork or both! Not only does he represent Jetty on the pavement, but he has also designed some T’s for us (check out the “Life Death Mirror” below). Duke runs Toilet Town where he recently posted every consolidated graphic he’s created from 2005 to 2009 – it is so worth checking out, trust us! Alex has had some great press lately with a short interview in the December issue of FTK and a two-page canvas in the March issue of Thrasher – now that’s some Dukie Love!

Life Death Mirror by Alex Duke
Alex Duke deck

Music Mondays: Delta Spirit – People C’mon

Tyler Vaughan

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Tyler Vaughan who was recently signed on to the Jetty flow team. You’ll find Tyler shredding in Monmouth County, NJ when he’s not traveling in search of waves…and he does travel quite a bit! He’s hoping to obtain his Master’s in Spanish Translation! Photog Ryan Struck was nice enough to send over this shot of Mr. Vaughan navigating through an ice tunnel.

Tyler Vaughan by Ryan Struck

Tyler Vaughan by Ryan Struck

Fritz & Max in Focus!

Check out the latest issue of Focus Skateboard Magazine for a full page photo of team rider Fritz Mead & his buddy Max Hiersteiner doubling up this relatively new barrier spot in Philly…Its often your average pusher looks at a spot and says, “Whoa, what if…”. Fritz on the other hand just makes it a reality. Lots more Fritz buzz coming soon…