Soul outta water…

It’s true, you can find a Jetty team surfer out of the water (not often) once in a while. Check out Jon Coen’s blog on ESPN for proof that Petey Machotka was bouncing with the Souls! Photo Credit: Tom Spader.

Pete Machotka by Tom Spader

…in Belize when they find me

Coconut Joe stopped in his tracks and said, “I’m more photogenic than he is”…Coconut Joe needs a Dot Fade Jetty T!

Ken Miller in Beliz

Dave Werner by TJ Laury

TJ Laury began shooting for his film, “Cold Water” and happened to catch Dave Werner out in Bradley Beach, NJ.

Werner by Laury - barrel
Werner by Laury - off the top
Werner by Laury - air

The Ghost of Brendan Willem…

…has been spotted by Seth Stafford who shot some amazing photos on Long Beach Island, NJ recently. This one ended up on “The Real Jersey Shore” gallery courtesy of Transworld Surf which also showcases Floridians Gabe Kling & Jody Davis. I’ve gotta add a little personal apology in here to Jess & Jody for not coming through with a board and a suit…but it looks like he found ‘em!

Brendan Willem by Seth Stafford


Although we’re a little upset that Freddy Ecke didn’t make our New Year’s bash, we’ll forgive him since he always represents us well! A few fun shots from the cold…

Freddy Ecke vert
Freddy Ecke off the top
Freddy Ecke air

The Otherside…

Before we hit you with a barrage of East Coast madness, we better slip these DHart photos in. Photographer Tim Westmore has been on it as the west side finished out 2009 in a big way too! Danny Hart was also recently picked up by Hyperflex Wetsuits…keep that barrel-fest going DH!

Danny Hart by Tim Westmore
Danny Hart by Tim Westmore

RT by Luke Simpson

Our friend Luke Simpson was nice enough to send over this shot of RT in Bayhead, NJ which ran in Surfline’s Christmas Bonus gallery. This may be the last you see of Townsend…in a hood that is! He’s up to his usual tricks again this winter and heading to warmer climates…lots of details to follow!

RT - Bayhead, NJ - by Luke Simpson

Happy End of Year

Our dear friends Jon & Ann Coen sent over this beautiful image along with their New Years wishes…Thanks guys!

new year