New Year’s Eve Bash…

Tickets are still only $75 until tomorrow when they go up to $90…save $15 and order yours’ now! This includes a 4-hour open bar, buffet & 3 bands with some well-dressed Jetty heads…sure to be a memorable time! The Holiday Inn has graciously extended their $99 room rate until Tuesday, December 29th so make sure you take advantage of that too! This is a red carpet, 21 & over event @ the Jersey shore…just ask Big Ant!!!

Mos Def – Priority

Music Mondays with a song off what might be the hip hop album of the year!? If you haven’t checked out “The Ecstatic” yet, then we suggest you do so…it’s a total resurfacing of Mos Def.

A Pleasant Surprise DVD Now Available!

Jetty is proud to announce the release of A Pleasant Surprise, a 16mm surf film by Kyle Pahlow & Nick Zegel. We had the privilege of being involved with the project, printing shirts for the film and presenting the world premiere of the film this past September! The final product is something we think every surfer from New Jersey can be proud of! The film features Jetty’s own Randy Townsend & Brendan Willem along with LBI local Ben McBrien and a crew of some of the most talented guys from the Garden State! Pick up your copy now in the Jetty Online Store


Return to sender…

Well, we’re getting two Jetty heads back from OZ within a few weeks of one another, team rider Kim Kepich and notorious intern Dennis O’Connor. Both were fortunate enough to spend a semester abroad studying, surfing & having the time of their lives (as both separately stated several times). Kim is back in the States and having a tough time adjusting to the cold weather – bikini to 5mm! She’s got a lot to look forward to though with trips to Barbados, Costa & PR from now through March! Dennis is still over there, but they’ll be shipping him back soon. He just went on a little adventure down the coast which you can read about here. Dennis is “psyching to surf jersey again and to snowboard,” but it’s a different story when it’s not in those colorful boardies!

Dennis O'Connor - Last licks
Kim Kepich back in NJ

The Drums – Lets Go Surfing

Music Monday with a surf-centric song by The Drums…Yes you’re hearing “Obama I want to go surfing” – Politics aside, it’s hard not to laugh a bit and whistle along

Fritz is Out of Body!

Orchard Shop video Out of Body Experience is out and although we haven’t seen the whole thing this new teaser is getting us even more amped about the video! Holy cow Fritz!

Subterranean by Jon Wolf

Our good friend Jon Wolf’s 2008 skateboard film Subterranean is now available FOR FREE on his website Download it for your iPod or just watch online…its chock full of good skateboarding from a ton of talented Boston kids including our friends Artie Noel, Jeff Valcourt & Dana Ericson…Make sure to check Dana’s part…it’s last and it’s pretty amazing.



Old Saint Surf

Santa was recently spotted by our friend Jared at an undisclosed, shore location. Apparently, just before this session Old St. Nick was seen sippin’ a hot chocolate in Eastern Lines while buying a Jetty hoodie!

Old Saint Nick

Gone Fishin’

Couldn’t help but share this…maybe the most epic youtube clip everrrrr? Share other epic clips in the comments if you’d like!