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We recently partnered up with PineMark, an organization that will certify how green your lifestyle is! PineMark will rate how sustainable your lifestyle is based on water, transportation, energy & lifestyle and in turn, offer you a bunch of discounts! Save money while helping to save the planet – how green are you?

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Nor’Ida by Jon Coen

Check out ESPN’s coverage of Nor’Ida courtesy of our bud Jon Coen. The tropical storm that morphed into a massive nor’easter wreaked havoc on the East Coast creating both good and bad – epic, grinding barrels, but also beach erosion and loads of debris.

Randy Townsend by Rich McMullin

Randy Townsend by Rich McMullin


Our friend Andrew opened our eyes a little bit with this video of Alabama surf last week! Click on the video below to see what Ida brought our southern friends courtesy of Surf Smooth Productions.


Agent Orange – Bloodstains (Darkness version)

This Monday’s musical choice is some good ‘ol punk from Agent Orange. All we can say is that this is our soundtrack to the hundreds of grinding, spitting barrels had by many on the East Coast this weekend! We hope you got it as good as we did!

22 Tricks with Desimas!

Desimas called this morning…He was telling us about a breakfast sandwich he gets at a restaurant up in Lowell, MA. Something about hash browns, eggs, bacon, & cheese all stuffed in a roll…He was also telling us about this chicken fingers & bacon pizza he loves. It’s a good thing John spends his days skating or else we’d be saying this is why you’re fat! Click below to see Desimas doing what he does best…Its on the Vans New England Blog….oh yeaaah


Division East Premieres ‘Tomorrow’ Today!

Division East Skateshop in Montclair, NJ has been a long time friend of Jetty and will be premiering their third full-length skate video tonight! If you’re in the area make sure to stop by and check it out!


Hot off the Press!


We’ve been hard at work all day producing our latest offering; Jetty Volume One. As we mentioned before, we have taken a step back and in order to move forward we will be producing limited run Volumes, which will prove to be a refreshing approach allowing us to make each item we offer the best we possibly can. Click the image above for a look at Volume One which will be available online and in stores Black Friday! Looking forward to the Turkey!

John Clifford – Ventura, CA

John Clifford Frontside

Johnny Cliff came on board in 2009 and has done a variety of design work for Jetty. John designed the RT poster, developed the Coquina Jam logo and quickly turned around a bunch of great flyers for Jetty events. After graduating from the U of D, he spent the summer in LBI (we got to surf together a few times) and recently moved out to Cali to work (and continually remind us how consistent the waves are out west)! John has done plenty of creative work outside of Jetty (see below), but is currently working on some “Jetty money” and a secret Jetty Street Urchin project! Great dude…great addition to our family. John says, “Go new places, do new things. Be a sponge” – we couldn’t agree more.

AU Naturale