Fritz spotted in Boston!

Fritz popped up on the SLAP Blog the other day. He was straight up lurrrking with the Orchard homies. Word is that the Orchard video is going to premiere November 6th up in Boston so don’t miss it if you’re in the area. Its going to be bonkers! In fact Slap Isaac had this to say after he saw a bit of Fritz’s footy…

“I saw some of his footage for the Orchard video and holy shit cakes on a stick of RAD! From pools to gaps, rails and ledges he’s got a big bag of tricks and good style. Raw east coast ATV.”

Fritz Mead
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No Shame in My Game

A little throwback for Monday afternoon via Gonzo. Gonzo handles some of our web tech stuff and just launched a new site called SkateLurk…For all you twitter lovers you can lurk on all your favorite skate heads, companies, photogs and all that. Find Jetty on skate lurrrk or follow us on twitter

Tin Can Travels

Eli Clark - Airstream Trailer

Eli Clark does some design work for us, but who knew such solid stuff was coming from the road!? For the past 4 months or so, Eli and his wife Jen, have been traveling the country in an Airstream travel trailer. They’ve tracked their journey through a blog, but the really cool part is that Jen is a photographer so between Eli’s sketches and her photos the blog is filled with great stuff! Eli had hit us up about a month ago for some northeast surf spot recommendations and it looks like they’ve circled back with the latest blog update being from Mass. The water is getting chilly in NJ as we saw some plenty of hoods being worn through the N’easter this weekend…hope they have some quality rubber on board!


Carve - front

This type of carving is not quite what we’re used to, but it’s fun and good for all ages. Our friend Mary Tantillo at Swell Colors is putting on a little Jack-O-Lantern carving contest at her studio this month. Drop in over a 4 day period at month’s end and get creative on some big, orange gourd-like squash!